Not feeling good in your body?

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Wish you felt better in your body?

Lacking energy, trouble sleeping or digestive issues? Carrying more weight than feels good? Wish you felt better more of the time? I can help you slow down, get your priorities in alignment with your deeper values and create a diet and lifestyle plan that will lead to better energy, sleep and ease of being. Sound good? Even if you feel that you have a long way to go, it’s never too late to take the first step. The key is small shifts practiced over time, which bring the changes we want to see. My clients report this too. You CAN create the conditions to feel good in your body, heart and mind. I can help. Check out the Blog for Ayurvedic and Yogic tips for living in alignment with your deeper goals and values.

To your good health and vitality!


Shannon McCall, E-RYT, 500; CAP
Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Seattle, WA