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As a decades-long teacher and practitioner of yoga and ayurveda, I help busy, stressed-out people slow down and take better care of themselves. Bring me your stress, depletion, anxiety, low-energy and poor habits, and I will guide you in the daily practices that support true health, wellbeing and peace or refer you to someone else.

You may feel that you have a long way to go, or like your current life situation does not allow you the time to truly care for yourself, but I have found that small shifts, practiced consistently over time, bring the real change we are looking for. My clients report this too. You can create the conditions for health, happiness and ease of being in your life! Sign up  for a 30-minute complimentary wellness session here.

To your good health and vitality!


Shannon McCall, E-RYT, 500; CAP
Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Seattle, WA