Start your day from a place of calm and centeredness. 
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Wish you felt better in your body?

Wish you felt better more of the time? You don’t have to cut your own needs short to be effective in the world and care for your family. Every day can begin from a place of calm and connection to Self and you can learn the habits that foster deep vitality and ease of being.  I can help you slow down and get your priorities in alignment with your deeper values. I will support you in crafting a lifestyle plan that will lead to better energy, sleep, improved immunity and deeper connection with Self and all. You CAN create the conditions to feel good in your body, heart and mind. I can help. Check out the Blog for Ayurvedic tips to support you in regaining and up-leveling your health today.

It would be my pleasure to speak with you, find out more about what’s going on with you and see if I can help.  

With Care,


Shannon McCall, E-RYT, 500; CAP
Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Retreat Facilitator
Ayurveda Practitioner, Seattle, WA
(206) 412-8784