Ayurvedic-Consultation-Shannon-McCallAyurveda: “The Science of Life”

Evolving alongside yoga, with roots in ancient India, ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of healing with an elegant understanding of the body/mind and how to care for it. Like traditional chinese medicine, ayurveda is a holistic system of preventive medicine that offers the diet, lifestyle and energetic practices to support our natural health and wellbeing. Like other holistic modalities, Ayurveda seeks to treat the root cause of an imbalance by looking into our past illnesses, potential genetic weaknesses, diet and lifestyle practices, relationships and other mental, emotional and spiritual factors.

Health from an ayurvedic point of view is not simply the absence of this year’s  flu, but an ongoing state of radiant wellbeing. In fact the ayurvedic definition of Health is:  Balanced body type, balanced digestion, balanced bodily tissues, the proper movement of waste out of the body, balanced senses, balanced mind in one who is situated in the Self (Sushruta). That means, all of our ordinary malaise, our low energy, poor digestion, anxiety and confusion are all seen as ill health, and there are protocols to attend to these things. Ayurveda offers a model of health and wellbeing that is beyond the ordinary drag-yourself-through-the-day feeling, into true ease of being, enthusiasm for life, and freedom from the cold going around the office!

One of my clients described himself as someone who “is not sick, but not well.”  If you could say the same, I may be able to help. I help busy, stressed out people slow down and take care of themselves. I offer simple dietary and lifestyle practices from the wisdom of Ayurveda to support your body’s intelligence in creating optimal health in the body/mind and spirit. I am  a certified ayurvedic consultant, long-time yoga and meditation practitioner (E-RYT, 500) and teacher with 30 years’ experience in psycho-spiritual studies with leaders in the field.

Are you ready to feel better?   Schedule a complimentary 30-minute wellness  assessment with me.  If I have something I think can help you with, I will let you know, or refer you elsewhere.Go here to find out about the ways I work with people one-on-oneGo here to find about my group work, Sacred Daily Essentials.