Seattle Yoga Classes with Shannon

**SHANNON IS ON AN EDUCATIONAL SABBATICAL UNTIL THE END OF JUNE, 2018. Check back in June to find out when she will re-begin teaching in Seattle.**

DSC00141MON          All                    9am -10:15         SAC, NG (Members only)

WED          All                      9am – 10am       SAC, NG     (Members only)

FRI             Yin                     9am – 10am       SAC, NG     (Members only).
                Intermediate   10:05 – 11:15am   SAC, NG     (Members only).

 SUN      *Intermediate   10:15am – 11:30   SAC, NG      (Members only).
(*Twice a month only–alternating with Jenny Rhodes).

 **Sunday Evening Yin Yoga and Meditation   5:30 – 7pm  Two Dog (MAP)   (** Once a month only).


What Shannon says about the Yoga:
As a yoga teacher, I guide men and women to greater depth and ease in their practice and offer them a space to slow down, feel their bodies and move in ways that enhance freedom, build strength and calm the heart/mind. Classes include meditation and pranayama and support you in clearing space internally to promote deeper healing. Classes are adaptive to most student needs, and at a pace that allows you to slow down and feel your body. I offer philosophical principles in down to earth, modern language that supports your deeper transformation over time. With a deep bow of respect and gratitude I acknowledge the wise and wonderful teachers who have taught me over the years, especially Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Doug Keller, Reggie Ray and all my teachers in the Diamond Approach School.

What her Students say:
“You are a remarkably present teacher. Class with you is very fulfilling. I hadn’t realized that asanas would become such an important part of my practice life.” -BD, Seattle

“Having recently begun to practice yoga, I was fortunate to have found Shannon at the outset. Her voice, cadence, and easy manner make the movements so natural to follow, and she always manages to offer perfectly timed instruction on how to get the most out of the poses. When I can make it to class, my days are more relaxed and I sleep better at night. I’ve learned things about my body that I never knew before and really appreciate how she manages to give personal attention without disrupting the rest of the class.  Shannon’s class is a great way to start the week.” -SP, Seattle

“I was a Yoga-skeptic who initially only got started 5 years ago because my spouse convinced me to try it “just once or twice.” Since the I’ve probably attended 100 of Shannon’s classes per year. She does an absolutely remarkable job of moving her students along, of all ability levels, with “level-appropriate” adjustments, encouragement, and tutelage. She has found a balance in her class between keeping things on track and allowing students the time and space they need for their own unique development. Her calm demeanor, pleasant voice and mastery of her craft inspire her students to challenge themselves. She doesn’t burden her students with the irritating distractions that I have encountered upon occasional visits to other studios, such as music and new age philosophy. I have found yoga with Shannon to be an excellent complement to high intensity sports (and hectic life). The greater flexibility, core strength and muscular/mental focus that I have developed in her class have helped keep me injury free.”  -TJ, Seattle.             (206) 412-8784
P.O. Box 23242
Albuquerque, NM 87192