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Wish you felt better more of the time?

Low energy? Trouble sleeping? Digestive issues? Stressed out? Ayurveda can help. The simple daily practices from the wisdom traditions of yoga and ayurveda, incorporated into your own life one step at a time and  for your unique constitution, can bring you the energy, rest, calm and happiness you seek.  I’ve experienced it in my own life, and I see it  in the lives of my students and clients all the time. Sign up for a complimentary discovery session and let’s talk about your biggest health challenge right now. After finding out what I need to know, I will offer you a solution and a few action steps to move towards it. Check out my blog to find articles on ayurveda and yoga to support your deep vitality and ease of being through the  seasons. 

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Shannon McCall
B.A., AP, E-RYT, 500
Board Certified Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA)
Experienced, Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)

P.O. Box 75373
Seattle, WA 98175
(206) 412-8784