Ayurveda is all about supporting our organism–mind, body and spirit– to stay in balance. This balance point is unique to each individual and while there are general features of balance, each one of us must come to know this balance for ourselves. The same food or activity that would restore a feeling of harmony for one person at one time, would throw another person off entirely. To thine own self be true—but before that, we must know ourselves and be willing to be true to what we know through our experience.

Winter season, comprised of the qualities of earth and water, is cold, heavy, wet and dark. The outer cold sends more blood flow to the core of our bodies to keep our organs warm, so our digestion tends to be stronger this time of year than at any other time. There has been a need since the fall to eat more to insulate us from the cold, and we naturally, and healthfully store a little more fat for this reason. This is the time of year when we can best digest heavier foods in general.

The longer nights send us indoors and hopefully to bed a little earlier, as good quality rest is one of the prime supports we have for our immunity and overall health, especially now. The holiday indulgences, if they continue into the New Year, will weaken our immunity and leave us vulnerable to the colds and flus going around, so it’s a good time to take stock and enjoy those indulgences less frequently while also bringing in some of the nourishing food/drink that you know work really well for your body.

The heavy, dark days can lead to a feeling of stagnation both physically and emotionally. Staying warm and getting moving are some of the keys to our emotional and physical health this season. Even those who don’t tend to accumulate too much extra weight in the winter can feel a mental/emotional stagnation set in. Commit to getting outdoors as much as possible for a brisk walk with a friend of pet. If you enjoy the gym, schedule time to go before work to increase circulation and set that tempo for the rest of your day. Print out an Ayurveda For Winter Cheat Sheet.  Find Winter Recipes HERE

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