Ayurveda is a study of yourself in relationship to all of your changing environments. Those environments may be external, like a change in the weather, or internal, like a high intensity time at work, grief at a recent loss, our current life-stage challenges and almost anything else you can imagine.

Fall  is a time of year when the ether and air elements increase and their qualities of mobility, dryness and cold are more prominent. To balance this increase, we bring in the opposite qualities of stillness, oiliness and warmth. This week I’m sending out some fall balancing tips to help you transition into the cooler, shorter days with strong immunity and calm (Let me know in the comments below if they help).

When we understand what is going on around us and within us, we can respond to these conditions with  choices that  support our overall balance emotionally, mentally and physically. If we just move along with whatever’s going on without consideration of how it’s all impacting us, we are setting ourselves up for illness and dis-ease.

Part of staying healthy and sane in our modern lives is learning to align with Natural rhythms rather than fight them.  

And by Natural rhythms, I’m not just referring to the cycles of Nature, but also your own unique cycles.  Notice  how you’re holding your life in the present moment. What if you could respond to your real needs rather than expecting yourself to respond as you did last month?  Just as the light shifts within our annual cycle, our emotional energy waxes and wanes, the demands of our family life shift all the time, work has it’s cycles, and our own personal journey of self-healing and self-understanding asks different things of us at different times. 

  • What shift is your organism asking you to make at this time that would be truly support your overall wellbeing? 

If you’d like to share, leave your reflections in the comments below.

Much Love to you,