Ayurveda is a study of yourself in relationship to your environments. Those environments may be external, like the weather, or your home office; or internal, like stress in response to a high-intensity time at work, grief at a recent loss or overwhelm as you move through your to-do list.

The ancient yogis recognized this and taught protocols we can adopt to help balance our organism through these changing conditions. Right now in the Northern hemisphere, we are transitioning into Fall,  a time of year when the ether and air elements increase and their qualities of mobility, dry, rough and cold are more prominent. In Ayurveda we work with a simple principle of like increases like and opposites balance. To balance the qualities of fall, we can bring in their opposites: stillness, oiliness and warmth.

Here is a tip sheet to help you make some seasonal adjustments to bring about more ease and flow, which will surely support immunity during the fall transition. 

When we understand the qualities that are out of balance within us, we can respond with their opposites to come back to center.  Setting aside some time on a daily basis to connect to ourselves and what’s going on within us can guide us to living in better alignment each day. If we are out of the habit of attuning to our bodies in this way, we can begin again, or receive guidance in how to do this.  If we just move along with whatever’s going on without consideration of how it’s all impacting us, we are setting ourselves up for illness and dis-ease. Need some help balancing your body/mind? Sign up for a complimentary wellness call with Shannon. You’ll leave the call with actionable advice to help move your towards greater balance and ease.

Part of staying healthy and sane in our modern lives is learning to align with Natural rhythms rather than fight them.  

  • What shift is your body asking you to make now that would support your overall wellbeing? 

If you’d like to share, leave your reflections in the comments below.

Much Love to you,