Summer Retreat

Summer Camp for Yogis at Breitenbush Hot Springs

June 20 – June 27, 2021 with Shannon McCall and Friends.

I invite you to nourish your senses in the old growth forest while practicing deeply at this summer camp for yogis. In the simplicity of Nature, many things become clear. The beauty of the healing waters and wide open skies, the river and the forest will replenish us. Time in meditation and in embodied practice coupled with ayurvedic learnings and self-inquiry will return us home to ourselves (svastha). The power of coming together to do our individual work within a community of kind-hearted others doing the same, with skillful facilitation allows for a deep feeling of connection with place, with others and with ourselves. This retreat is designed to offer a powerfully transformative experience. Return home with fresh insight, calm, clarity and a relaxed heart.

In addition to the regular schedule, we will announce a few special sessions during the week including Sunrise or Sunset fire ceremonies (agni hotra), evening yoga nidra and authentic movement.  The nightly offerings from the Breitenbush community are open to our group, and  massage from their highly trained healing arts team are also available for and extra charge.

Meals are abundant, delicious, organic vegetarian including dairy and eggs.  Wheat and Dairy free special diet is available upon request. There is a central refrigerator available for guest use, but no meat allowed. No caffeine is served at Breitenbush, but herbal tea and hot water readily available, 24-7, to make (bring your own) caffeinated beverages.

For more information about Breitenbush Hot Springs, go here.

$108 non-refundable deposit holds your space.

Tuition + Lodging/ Meals/Use of Facilities per person:

(PLEASE NOTE: 2021 prices will be updated when they are available. Thank you for your patience).

  • Cabin with plumbing (toilet and sink): $1673 

  • Cabin without plumbing (men’s and women’s bathroom near by): $1466  

  • Lodge rooms: $1274 

  • Platform tents: $1235  

  • Bring your own tent/RV site: $1137 

Please Note: All lodging is double occupancy except for lodge rooms,  platform tents and bring your own tents, which can be single or double. Breitenbush is a community practicing sustainable living and only makes single occupancy available if you pay double the lodging cost.

Breitenbush is entirely off the grid. There is no wifi, no cell coverage, no locks on the cabin doors, but 24-7 security and access to an onsite medical team.  The nearest hospital is 25 miles away in Stanton, near Salem.  Nearest town is 10 miles away to make calls or log on (In case of Emergency, calls can come in and go out through the main office, and messages are delivered to retreat participants through a central message board).

For more information about Breitenbush Hot Springs, go here.