What to do when you are going in too many directions at once.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve felt pulled in so many directions that by late afternoon, I was a bit overwhelmed and out of body.

I’ve had a lot of experience in this state of overdrive, and I’ve learned that as much as the momentum I’ve accumulated in those moments wants to keep going, the best thing I can do is stop, get back in my body and reconnect to the earth underneath me. Somatic meditation brings me back to myself in a big way. It’s what I used this week to slow down and cut through that ego-illusion of ‘one more thing, then i’ll stop…’If you found going a bit too fast this week too, try this 30-minute somatic meditation I made for you. it will support your reconnection with your body and the earth (many of you who take regular classes with me will recognize this practice and enjoy this longer session). This is a perfect late afternoon, or just-home-from-work practice, but truly good anytime you can get to it–including first thing in the morning or before bed.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait until you’re feeling fragmented or de-vitalized […]

Space to Be

Every morning of my life begins with practice. The practices I have been engaging for the past three decades have helped me slow down, release stress and heal my body and my mind. They have made me a better mother, a better friend, a better teacher and a happier woman. These practices come from the wisdom traditions of yoga and ayurveda and have been passed along to me by wonderful teachers, tapping into a lineage that is thousands of years old.

When I didn’t prioritize the time to attune to myself deeply, I was more stressed out and edgy, anxious and exhausted. The care I had to offer from that space was less than optimal. 

Nothing is more important than you being connected deeply with you. For the truth is YOU are connected deeply with all of creation, and when you remember that deeper source, and let go of all that obscures your knowing you are that, life flows more easily and effortlessly. 

And all that needs doing, gets done. 

Forget that, and life becomes an endless and exhausting to do list.  It’s no wonder we want to check out with food and substance and media, which never really satisfy for long.  

Yogic self-care is a […]

A Good Night’s Rest

Sleep—such a healing balm and one of the three pillars of health in ayurveda. When sleep is off, everything is off.  And when sleep is good—well, we all know the amazing feeling of a good night’s rest.
Ayurvedic tips to support good sleep start with lifestyle.

Good sleep hygiene begins with everything we do after the sun goes down. Ideally evening is all about unwinding and connecting with loved ones and preparing for sleep. If you must bring your work home, finish it as early in the evening as you can. 
Good evening activities include:

a stroll outdoors
household chores with other family members
sharing with loved ones or journaling
taking a warm bath
restorative yoga or meditation
relaxing and inspiring music/media/books
herbal sleep tea (Tulsi Sleep Tea, Sleepy Time…)
hot milk with nutmeg

Low lighting in the evenings is best. Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that regulates our circadian rhythm is triggered to release as it gets dark. Too much artificial light, including light from screens, keeps melatonin from secreting, which may keep us from sleeping well.  Unplug from computers and other screens an hour before bed, and dim the lights or light a candle in the evening (ideally keep all electronics out of your bedroom, or at least put them in airplane mode for sleep).

Our capacity to sleep and to […]

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Adapting to the Changing Seasons

There was a meme going around facebook this time last year  that went like this:

Cold and Flu is not a season.
It’s an inability to adapt due to decreased sun exposure and water intake combined with increased sugar intake and stress.
Create Resistance. Create Health
I don’t want to be cavalier, here. Colds and flus suck, and we can be doing everything “right” and still get hit hard. Everybody comes down with them from time to time, and the work out for our immune system, coupled with some good down time helps us to purge our system of unwanted toxicity, which in the long run might be a good thing. 
But this meme is pointing out that we can learn to attend to the shifting needs of our organism as we transition seasons. We can adjust our diets and routines to support our immunity through these natural cycles and perhaps ward off this year’s bug. A bowl of salad in the summer can be wonderful, but that same cold, raw salad in the fall and winter can lead to constipation and bloating. A bowl of warm soup  can nourish and warm us, and cooked with a little garlic or fresh ginger can support our […]

How to Use a Neti Pot

I want to support you in learning about and beginning or  re-beginning the simple practices that will help you feel better all year. Here’s a short video I made for you on the practice of Jala Neti. Not sure what Jala Neti is? 
 Take a look HERE.


YOGA VIDEOS with Shannon Available soon!
I have created a monthly yoga video subscription for you! Each month I will record three practices:

One  30 – 40 minute active session

One 30 – 40 minute yin session

One 15 – 30 minute pranayama and meditation session

My intention is to support you in your home practice, and to give you a way to continue studying with me remotely.

I decided to make the videos around 30 minutes each since most people struggle to find an hour or more to practice at home. The shorter sessions will allow you to get established in a daily practice; do different styles at different times of day, and, on days when you have more time or want to indulge in a long practice, you can mix and match the videos, sequencing them on your own, and I will also offer you some guidance on this too.

Subscribers  will receive access to three new […]

Caring for Our Senses Tip Sheet

After many posts on caring for our senses, I made you a tip sheet to print out with all the information in one place.  Enjoy!
Caring for our senses tip sheet 
If you have any questions, please be in touch: Shannon@livingintobalance.com.

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Ayurveda for Your Senses: the Skin

The classics of Ayurveda teach that over-use, under-use and wrong use of our senses lead to disease. The sense organs are the ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose. The mind is considered both a sense organ (receiving impressions) and a motor organ (acting on the world). The effects of caring for our senses are on both the organs themselves and on our minds, for our sense organs have a direct link to our minds. We take in so much stimulation every day that its often hard to unwind at the end of the day. Some of our senses, like touch, registered through our skin, are under stimulated and this leads to its own distress both physically, emotionally and spiritually. What we feed our senses, and how we care for them is an important, often overlooked form of self-care.
The skin is the largest organ in our body, serving as a barrier between the outside world and our inner body. Our skin digests sunlight and produces Vitamin D. Similarly, when we apply oil to our skin, our skin digests the oil and if it is herbalized oil, those herbs penetrate, bypassing the gut and directly influencing our nervous system. Touch is one of our primary needs. […]

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Ayurveda for Our Senses: The Ears

Caring for our Senses

Agni is a Sanskrit word that means ‘fire’ and is often used to refer to digestive strength. Mental agni is our capacity to process (digest) information and emotions—our life experience. When agni is strong at this level, we comprehend what we experience and  this yields understanding and wisdom. Just as when the physical body has a backlog of undigested food we feel heavy and sluggish, so, too the mental body can get full and heavy when we don’t take time to digest our life experience. When we routinely take in more than we can digest and assimilate mentally, we weaken our agni, and thereby our whole system.

This mental/emotional backlog results in a kind of toxicity–‘ama’–which clogs the mental pathways. When mental agni is impaired, our thinking becomes cloudy, our memory, faulty, our capacity to make meaning of our lives is weakened and we may experience insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Most of us know but don’t often consider the impact of  the tens of thousands of sense impressions we ingest daily—some of them may be healing—but many of them are not. Additionally, we lead lives that are quite busy and full and so there is simply not enough space to process of […]

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