Spring Cleanse

April 13 – 28, 2020

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Cleanse from the Comfort of Your Own Home

How would you like to…

                    • Feel lighter and brighter this Fall and Winter?

                    • Relieve constipation, gas, and bloating?

                    • Eliminate cravings and strengthen your digestion?

                    • Start to heal brain-fog and enjoy more mental focus?

                    • Lower high blood sugar naturally

                    • See your skin glow?

                    • Sleep better and wake up feeling rested?

                    • Feel more energized throughout the day?

                    • Strengthen your immunity?

                    • Improve PMS or menopausal symptoms?

                    • Reset and detoxify while enjoying 3 meals a day?

These are some of the effects I and others have experienced through seasonal ayurvedic cleansing, and the same is possible for YOU.


The Spring Cleanse OPENS for registration on March 13th, 2020.

Email Shannon to be put on the waitlist and reminded when registration begins. 

We begin on April 13th! 

What’s Included?

          • One-on-one pre-cleanse mini-consult with Shannon
          • Step-by-step instructions for each day of the course
          • 4 Live Group Calls on Zoom (recorded)
          • Ongoing E-mail Support with Shannon for the entire 16 days
          • An online forum to check-in, give and receive support
          • All cleansing supplies (kitchari makings, body oil for self-massage, nasya, customized herbal formula, ayurvedic herbal medicines, and teas to support your digestion and elimination while cleansing and to support you during the rejuvenation phase (post-cleanse).



Sign up for the waitlist now!

Registration opens March 13th to give time to schedule your consult and receive your supplies.

An incredible value at $399


Special Offer: Cleanse with a friend: bring a friend, spouse, child over age 16 (someone new to the community), and receive the second cleanse at 1/2 price. Both save $100!




How is an Ayurvedic Cleanse Different from Other Cleanses?

1. An ayurvedic cleanse differs in that it is designed to detoxify all the bodily tissues, not just the digestive tract. During the cleanse, we use internal oleation to support the movement of toxicity out of the deeper tissues and into the digestive tract where it can be eliminated.

2. In addition to cleansing, we focus on a calming daily routine to support your body and mind in letting go and to support you going forward.

3. An ayurvedic cleanse includes a pre-cleanse protocol to get you ready and a post-cleanse protocol to ease you back into your new normal. Jumping into and out of a cleanse can undo some of the good effects and even be harmful. Ayurveda’s emphasis on nourishing routine with the cleansing diet and protocols brings a more balanced and smoother experience.

* Please Note: This cleanse is for people in generally good health. Not appropriate for pregnant or nursing moms, children under the age of 16, or those who are debilitated. If in doubt, consult with your health-care practitioner and with Shannon 

How do I join?

          1. Schedule a brief chat with Shannon to make sure this cleanse is a good fit for you. Once you determine that it is…
          2. Receive a link to schedule your mini-consult with Shannon
          3. Join the Private Facebook Group
          4. Receive your Cleanse Supplies
          5. Log-in to the Cleanse Page and receive your day-to-day instructions
          6. Go Shopping for fresh produce to supplement your kitchari (shopping list included)
          7. Join us for the group calls:

April 13 – 17: Ease in and Eliminate
+Group Call Tuesday, April 14th

April 18 – 25:  Cleanse and Detoxify
+Group Calls, Tuesday,  April 21 and Friday, April 24

April 23 – 28 : Ease Back to your New Normal:
+Group Call, Tuesday, April 28th

Group Dates don’t work? Listen to the recordings of the calls you miss or

 Email Shannon for a custom 1-1 cleanse with custom dates instead.

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Need a payment plan? E-mail Shannon

*Please note:
The Seasonal Cleanse is a GROUP cleanse program. Within a group context, Shannon will support you as completely as possible and will answer all of your questions within a reasonable time period. You will need to show up in the online portal and/or on the live calls to get your questions answered. The cleanse will be somewhat tailored to your needs, however for a completely customized cleanse with private consults and access to Shannon, please request a 1:1 custom program. 

Questions? Please email Shannon