Yesterday I was looking at a booklet a colleague of mine created about dealing with chronic stress.  Reading through the symptoms she outlined was one of those “a ha” moments for me. I recognized, once again, how fast we are all going and how unconscious we can be of the ramifications of this.  One huge consequence is in our digestive capacity, for to properly digest our food, we need to slow down, disengage from all the activity, and allow some space.   

Have you taken time to disengage and relax while eating a meal today? If we really want to heal our digestion, this is the first step.  In fact, this may be the step.  For all the best most wholesome food will not transform into healthy bodily tissue if we don’t take time to rest as we digest. Digestion is a para-sympathetic response–it only happens well when we’re relaxed.  There’s really no getting around this.

I spent years trying to digest food better. I had chronic gas and bloating and was prone to constipation, even though I ate a diet that was incredibly healthy and healing in terms of what I was eating. I had heard all about the importance of relaxing while eating, but it didn’t really hit home until I was sitting on the edge of the exam table with my ayurvedic physician, who was reading aloud to me the “how to eat” portion of a pamphlet on healthy digestion.

“Why is she taking the time to read this to me?” I wondered. “I can read it for myself. I already know all this.”

And then, Bingo, in a flash of recognition, I realized what my practitioner already sensed, that I was not practicing this. I’ll tell you that moment got my attention. I was paying quite a bit of money to sit on the exam table and have my practitioner read aloud to me, but it finally sunk in.

A fish does not recognize water because the fish is immersed in water. Water is the ground of it’s existence. We do not recognize how fast we are going because everything around us is going so fast.  To stop, take a seat, breathe and disengage for a time is a radical act. If we are interested in healing our digestion, we must train ourselves to eat slowly, calmly and with awareness of our food. If we are chronically missing this piece, we can invest in all the organic food, probiotics and other supplements we want and not get anywhere. This was the missing piece for me. This continues to be one of the main things I pay attention to anytime my digestion is off. Knowing it already isn’t the point. It’s the daily practice of it that matters. 

In today’s teaching, I wrote about a personal “aha” moment that changed everything for me. I finally saw what I was doing that was causing my digestive distress, and what I needed to do instead. When we see where we really are, versus where we think we are because “we know already,” we empower ourselves to begin living in a new way. Awareness is always the first step. If we aren’t connecting the dots between our behaviors and the results of them, we won’t understand how to get different results in the future.

Healing digestion is key to health, and a big part of my 10 week course, Sacred Daily Essential’s . I’m running a live course again this April.

In this program, I teach the simple principles of ayurvedic and yogic living, to guide you in creating the healthy habits that create fertile ground for a long and healthy life.

If you’re ready to create some simple changes in how you’re living, check it out.

This course is NOT a substitute for medical advice if you’re really sick, and it’s not a quick fix. It’s not the right course for folks who feel like what they’re already doing is working just great, and they feel amazing in their body-mind-heart.

This course is for people who aren’t feeling great in their body-mind-consciousness and are ready to make some changes in how they’re living in order to feel better.  It’s for people who are looking for a holistic approach and want a place where they can be accountable to themselves and the changes they want to make in their daily lives. 

You can find out more about the course HERE. It is by application only because I want to be sure that you are in a place to be able to benefit from the teachings at this time, and that the course is a match for what you’re looking for.

This 10 week e-course is a significant investment of time, energy and resources, and once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the materials to revisit and work with for the rest of your life, including any improvements I make to the course overtime. Many folks who take the course once, repeat it again (for 1/2 price) to continue to build on the momentum they created.

The lessons and video calls are recorded so you can listen on your own time, and the live weekly video calls follow a schedule which allows you to begin to carve out some regular time for yourself to attend to the changes you want to make.

Together we’ll learn all the components of a healing daily routine and we’ll take action each week to support a calm mind, better digestion, good sleep, and more awareness and energy with which to engage our lives on a daily basis.

It really does take the support of like-minded others and a guide whose been on this path for decades to gain traction in the direction we want to go. Read about what’s offered here.

Curious? Interested? The next step is to fill out an application. and then we will have a phone conversation. to see if it feels like a good fit right now.  I’d love to explore this with you.

Sending love on a sunny winter’s day in Seattle,