Living Ayurveda

A Year-Long Immersion into Total Wellness


How would you like to…

        • Wake up feeling refreshed every morning                       
        • Lose excess weight
        • Sleep well through the night
        • Maintain a strong and supple body and mind 
        • Eliminate digestive distress like gas, bloating and constipation
        • Calm anxiety
        • Get to the bottom of self-criticism and negative self-talk
        • Tap into more self-love every day
        • Rest into your True Nature more of the time 


In this year-long course, you’ll learn, practice, and eventually automate the key habits that will improve your energy, help you sleep, stabilize your ideal weight, strengthen your immunity and so much more.  These habits come from the wisdom traditions of ayurveda and yoga, and have been practiced and refined for thousands of years. Many of them are familiar practices that our grandparents may have practiced (or generations before them) when we all lived closer to the land, and to traditional healing modalities.


These habits will change the very trajectory of your life. There’s power in taking care of your body and mind.



Throwing supplements, medications, and fad diets at your health issues without taking care of your daily habits is like trying to fill a leaky bucket with spring water without first attending to the leak. We ARE all different. Learn how to tailor the habits to YOUR unique constitution, how to shift them through the changing seasons and through your life-stage, and take charge of your health. These time-tested habits have been practiced and refined for 5,000 years and they work.



Step into your glowing health with…

  • Good food
  • Enjoyable movement
  • Deep rest
  • Community support
  • Habit change strategies that work



Living Ayurveda Includes:

  • Twice monthly calls by zoom (recorded and downloadable)
  • Monthly 2-hour yoga classes (recorded if you can’t make them live)
  • Monthly 1-1 session with Ayurveda Practitioner, Shannon McCall
  • A Course Manual and supplemental materials sent to you


Living Ayurveda Bonuses:

  • Any live yoga or Ayurveda course taught in your year 
  • Spring and Fall Cleanse Courses (you pay for cleanse supplies only)
  • 5-Day Spring Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs (Tuition covered—you pay lodging costs only)



What is your good health worth to you?



What is it costing you to…

      • Spin your wheels getting your daily habits in place?
      • Take expensive pharmaceutical drugs that you know aren’t getting to the bottom of your problem?
      • Stay stuck in patterns of numbing out, self-forgetting or self-sabotage?
      • Ignore your deeper needs?





Are you ready for a REAL change??



Give yourself the support and guidance you need to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make.

 The key isn’t learning not to fall down, the key is learning how to get back on track when you do fall.

Ayurveda evolved to help us balance our unique organisms (mind, body, spirit) in response to changing environments (seasons, life-stages, work, relationships).  The simple practices work, and folks feel a positive difference right away.

This is NOT about fixating on protocols (doing it right, perfectionism) but on allowing the habits to support us in getting back into deeper body/mind/spirit integrity. Along the way we meet our resistances, and together, we learn to move along one step at a time. This is empowering. We do know how to support self-healing. Ayurveda offers us the teachings that lead the way back home.



NEXT COURSE ENTRY is October 22nd

for the Introductory Call and Prep School

      • Course Calls are on Wednesday nights, 6 – 7 pm PST and begin November 5th.
      • One on one time is at our mutual availability each month. 
      • Yoga classes are once a month on Saturdays (live in Seattle, or by Zoom).
      • Entry is by application and phone interview to make sure the course is a good fit for you at this time.


Fill out the application here. Shannon will be in touch with you right away to arrange a time to talk about your application.


Cost for a year is just $2500–


Payment plans are available, and there is scholarship support for those who feel drawn to the work but cannot truly make the full investment at this time.