Living Ayurveda

A Year-Long Immersion into Total Wellness


Next Entry September, 2020

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How would you like to…

        • Wake up feeling refreshed every morning                   
        • Lose excess weight
        • Sleep well through the night
        • Maintain a strong and supple body and mind 
        • Eliminate digestive distress like gas, bloating and constipation
        • Calm anxiety
        • Get to the bottom of self-criticism and negative self-talk
        • Tap into more self-love every day
        • Rest into your True Nature more of the time

In this year-long course, you’ll learn, practice, and eventually automate the key habits that will improve your energy and sleep, stabilize your ideal weight, strengthen your immunity, balance your mood and support your growth and development in relationship with others, spirit and with yourself.

The habits I teach come from the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda and have been practiced and refined for thousands of years. Many of them are familiar practices that our grandparents may have known(or generations before them) when we all lived closer to the land, and traditional healing modalities were more common and accessible. 

These habits have the power to change the very trajectory of your life.

There’s so much power in taking care of your body and mind daily.  Imagine how good you could feel in a year if you were consistently improving your habits day by day.

This course is by application only. Fill out the application here and you’ll receive a link to schedule a conversation with Shannon. Together you’ll discover if this program is a good fit for you.


Throwing supplements, medications, and new diet trends at your health issues without understanding their underlying cause, or your unique constitution, leads to uneven results and burnout at best.

We ARE all different. Learn how to tailor the habits to YOUR unique constitution, how to shift them through the changing seasons and your life-stage, and take charge of your health. These time-tested habits have been practiced and refined for 5,000 years and they work.



Step into your glowing health with…

  • Good food
  • Enjoyable movement
  • Deep rest
  • Community support
  • Habit change strategies that work



Living Ayurveda Includes:

  • 3 monthly calls by zoom (recorded and downloadable).

  • Monthly 2-hour yoga classes (live via zoom–join from the comfort of your home; recorded if you can’t make them live)

  • Seasonal Day Retreats by zoom 

  • Monthly 1-1  session with Ayurveda Practitioner, Shannon McCall

  • A Course Manual and supplemental materials sent to you

  • Recorded Asana, meditation and pranayama audios to support your practice at home

  • Interviews with guest teachers to support your learning

  • Accountability partners–stay connected to the material and your vision working regularly with another course member

  • Private FB forum, moderated by Shannon, to keep the conversation going between sessions. 


Living Ayurveda Bonuses: 

Entry is by application only. Fill out the application here and you’ll receive a link to schedule a conversation with Shannon. Get started with Living Ayurveda Prep School as soon as you register and be ready for a great start in June.

What is your good health worth to you?

What is it costing you to…

      • Spin your wheels getting your daily habits in place?
      • Take expensive pharmaceutical drugs that you know aren’t getting to the bottom of your problem?
      • Stay stuck in patterns of numbing out, self-forgetting or self-sabotage?
      • Ignore your deeper needs?


Are you ready for a REAL change??



Give yourself the support and guidance you need to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make.

 The key isn’t learning not to fall down, the key is learning how to get up and move forward when you do fall.

Ayurveda evolved to help us balance our unique organisms (mind, body, spirit) in response to changing environments (seasons, life-stages, work, relationships).  The simple practices work, and folks feel a positive difference right away.

This is NOT about fixating on protocols (perfectionism) but on allowing the habits to support you in getting back into deeper body/mind/soul integrity–listening to and making sense of the messages your body gives you. Along the way, you’ll meet your resistances, everything that stands between where you are now and where you want to be. Together, with the support of a dynamic group moving in the same direction you are, the wisdom teachings of ayurveda and the witnessing and guidance of one just a bit ahead on this path, you’ll let go of what stops you, and make changes, living into the life you most want for yourself, one step at a time. This is empowering. Your body/mind/soul does know how to heal and harmonize. Ayurveda offers the teachings that help lead the way back home.



NEXT COURSE ENTRY is September, 2020–Registration opens in August.

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Entry is by application and phone interview to make sure the course is a good fit for you. 

Your investment for a year is just $3500–

  • 1 payment of $3500  made upon enrollment
  • 2 payments of $1750 made in  months 1 and 2
  • 4 payments of $ 875  made in months 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • 10 payments of $375 made monthly for 10 consecutive months

In an effort to keep the cost as low as possible, I have to add a 3% charge to credit card and paypal payments. 

Scholarships available for the un or underemployed or for those on a fixed income for whom the full price would be a burden.

(The price will be increasing Fall, 2020).

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