Self-Care-101 from the rich traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

I have expanded this course into a year-long journey, Living Ayurveda, which allows students to not only learn the habits and gain some traction with them but also sustain the changes over time as the habits become automated.  Next Course entry is September 2020.  Find out more here.

Join me for a journey into the world of Ayurvedic Self-Care. During this program you’ll learn simple ways to:

  • calm your mind
  • ease tension
  • support your energy levels
  • stabilize your weight
  • regulate your monthly cycle
  • sleep better
  • strengthen your immunity
  • support your digestion
  • feel empowered in how you are living your life. 

This is a wise investment in your ongoing healthcare, and a wonderful adjunct to any work you are doing with a naturopath or other holistic healer. Receive the guidance and support you need in implementing the changes in your habits that will get you on the path to good health. This information is invaluable to those of us who want to stay off the pharmaceutical path, which is great as a stop-gap measure in a crisis, but not a long-term solution, and, in fact, often compounds the original problem with unwanted toxicity and side-effects.



What You Will Learn

  • All about your ayurvedic constitution so that you can make diet and lifestyle choices that really support you.
  • The daily practices that support your energy, sleep, weight, calm, happiness and connection with Self.
  • How to live more skillfully and make better choices in all areas of your life. Take better care of yourself, your family and your clients for years to come.
  • Get clear about the how, when and what of eating, and eliminate confusion about the many diets out there and how they relate to you. Begin to balance digestive/eliminative issues.
  • How to shift the habits that arenʼt working for you and establish new ones to support your health and wellbeing now and into the future.
You will learn directly from Shannon who has invested 30 years in learning about, integrating and living Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda other psycho-spiritual disciplines and is committed to supporting you in getting where you want to go.

I learned so much! I have a new framework for viewing myself, my health and my life. The recorded lessons were terrific. I go back to the recorded yoga practices and meditations again and again. Thank you for encouraging us to be loving and gentle with ourselves and introducing the idea of small changes to be successful.
BM, Seattle

What is included in the Sacred Daily Essentials Course?

A 10-Week Deep, Inner Journey

As a SDE member you will go through a shift in how you nourish yourself on a daily basis, making connections between your daily activities and how you feel.  You will understand the questions to ask yourself to continue making shifts in your routine to support yourself  as your environment and you change over time.

Sacred Daily Essential Audio Training

Each week you will receive a 20 – 30 minute audio with the lesson of the week. These lessons will take you through content that will ground you in your ayurvedic constitution and the lifestyle and dietary practices that support radiant health and wellbeing for the long run. These are yours to download and use for as long as you like.

Growth Work

Simple, helpful worksheets will support you in identifying for yourself the particular actions you are ready to take each week. Baby steps are the key to real lasting change. These are yours to download and use forever!

Support Implementing What You are Learning

There is no real learning without doing. This is a class where we will be taking specific actions each week to integrate what we are learning, and create the habits that will get us where we want to go.

Weekly Coaching Calls (live/interactive version only)

As an SDE member you will receive access to weekly coaching calls, getting answers to your questions and receiving  individualized support for your specific needs. These calls will be recorded, so if you canʼt make one, you will be able to listen and learn from the recording.

Private Member’s Community

You will have access to a private Facebook group:  a place for you to share about  how its going, receive and give support to the other community members as well as a place to get your questions answered. I will be on regularly monitoring the flow of conversation.

Course Buddy (optional)

Thereʼs nothing like accountability and sharing the journey to support success. Sign up to connect with another from the course and meet one-on-one via email, phone or in- person.  Share your action steps with each other, create accountability and support each other as you make progress and when you stumble.  I have benefitted so much from this kind of collaboration in online courses I have taken.

Audio Practices in Morning and Evening Asana, Meditation and Pranayama led by Shannon.

To support your daily routine, you will receive two sets of audios, one at the beginning of the course, and one half way through, to support your implementation of daily meditation, pranayama and active and restorative asana at home. Just download, listen and practice.

Interviews by Experts to Support your Growth and Learning.

These conversations with teachers, therapists and doctors include  understanding and disengaging from the inner critic, digestion from a naturopathic point of view, somatic practices to self-soothe, creativity, and teachings on the will.

I gave this course to myself as an early 50th birthday present, hoping to integrate healthy new habits into my life as I ease into the next several decades. And, what a great gift to myself! Shannon is a master at communicating the lessons in an understandable and clear way that is easy to digest. I soon began integrating small changes to my daily routine– paying attention to how I am feeling, adding in healthier choices and experimenting with letting go of less healthier choices. The course has given me much more awareness of my health on a day-to-day basis, and has given me the priceless gift of learning how to better take care of myself.
LM, Berkeley, CA


Material We Will Cover

Week 1: Get Grounded in your Ayurvedic Constituion: VATA: Introduction to Vata Dosha: discover the qualities of vata dosha, assess how they show up in your innate constitution and in your current state of imbalance and learn the balancing practices to calm excess vata.

Week 2: Get Grounded in your Ayurvedic Constitution: PITTA: Introduction to Pitta Dosha: discover the qualities of pitta dosha and assess how they show up in your innate constitution and in your current state of imbalance and learn how to cool down excess pitta.

Week 3: Get Grounded in your Ayurvedic Constitution: KAPHA: Introduction to Kapha Dosha: discover the qualities of kapha dosha and assess how they show up in your innate constitution and in your current state of imbalance and learn how to stimulate excess kapha.

Week 4: Fundamentals of “Daily Routine:Learn about the essentials of  morning and evening practices to keep you healthy, mind, body and spirit. Daily Self-Massage with oil and seasonal cleansing introduced.

Week 5Integration Week: This week there will be no new material or teaching, just a time to catch your breath, before moving through more. This is also a week to “catch up” if you had travel or commitments earlier in the course that you couldn’t put aside when you enrolled.

Week 6: Fundamentals of Digestion: Agni and Ama: Learn about how and when to eat and get established in a regular rhythm. Look into what happens when we aren’t grounded in these practices (i.e. toxicity: ama). Investigate what to eat. Learn about mental and emotional digestion, and the wisdom and understanding that come from fully metabolizing our life experiences.

Week 7: Fundamentals of Digestion II: More about what to eat; how to address common digestive complaints; The 6 tastes; Eating with the seasons; and getting back in touch with your own digestive capacities, limitations, and how to address them.

Week 8: Five-Kosha Hygiene:Introduction to a model to support well-being on all levels. Learn the practices to support your physical body, energy body, mental/emotional body, intuitive body and bliss body.

Week 9: Rtucharya: Seasonal Routine: How does daily routine change through the yearly cycle? How does it shift through our life cycles? This week we will learn about how to adjust our routine through the changing seasons of the year and of our lives.

Week 10: Sadhana:The Heart of the Matter. This week will be a time of integrating all the material we have covered and crafting our daily personal practice, or sadhana, our sacred commitment to ourselves. This will be a very beautiful process of formulating a daily personal practice that nourishes our heart and spirit. And how to keep this practice alive as we transition through the seasons, and move through different stages in our lives.

Sound good?


What Participants are saying about their Sacred Daily Essentials Experience

Love, self-nurture and increasing personal awareness is the foundation of this program. Shannon’s consistency, presence, kindness and soothing voice is what enables that to emerge within participants. Having access to Shannon’s recorded lessons, asana practices and meditations allows me to keep the program alive now and stay focused daily on continuing to make healthy changes. It’s a win-win all the way around. I highly recommend it.
JS, Seattle
I loved the course and would like to participate in follow-up sessions. The lessons were a good amount of information with enough depth to keep me mulling over the information and listening to it again. The calls were informative and supportive. I enjoyed learning from the others. My course buddy helped me reflect on what I was learning and made me feel more connected to the class and the process. Sacred Daily Essentials was much richer than I ever anticipated and has opened unexpected doors for me. I continue to integrate the information you taught us and develop my morning devotional routine.
LA, Seattle
Sacred Daily Essentials made a tremendous difference in the way I approach my day’s activities and my body. The group calls reinforced the week’s lesson and kept me accountable. Hearing the message in a few formats was helpful. I was able to make changes I’d wanted to make for years but had not done. I also created and maintained a morning routine I’ve long wanted, which has grounded me, improved my outlook and my body feels better.
MA, Seattle
The lessons were very clear and easy to understand and I enjoyed listening to your comments and thoughts on the calls and I learned a lot from others. I like how you emphasized small changes, and not trying to do too much all at once.
LM, Kennewick, WA
The lessons were very helpful and informative, easy to listen to and understand and your voice is very soothing. It was helpful to hear other people’s struggles and successes on the calls and I always hung up feeling inspired or refreshed for the next week ahead.
SL, Seattle


Includes:  SDE Course + Twice Monthly  Live Video Calls with Shannon and the Community + Once Monthly 1-1 with Shannon + Once Monthly Live (by Zoom) Yoga Class with Shannon + Ayurvedic Starter Set mailed to you (body oil, cookbook, tongue scraper, tea and herbs)–$1080