Praise for Shannon McCall

KM-Shannon-McCall-TestimonialI love your way of working from the Feminine in your teaching – integrating a flow and appreciation for the organic nature of the practice and our bodies.  I love your subtle humor and humility, and enjoy the circle of students/clients who you attract to classes and workshops.  I always feel like I am a better person and healer after I have been to your classes, and when I have been in your presence.”  -KM, Seattle
JC-Testimonial-shannon-McCallYou can’t believe how much I appreciate what you show us and tell us during yoga classes.  And as I explore deeper and deeper into my own practice, esp. the meditation, I discover more and more layers of meaning in your words.” -JC, Seattle
Sacred-Daily-Essentials-TestimonialSacred Daily Essentials made a tremendous difference in the way I approach my day’s activities and my body. I loved the lessons. they were a good length and thorough.  The information was very helpful—all of it. The group calls reinforced the week’s lesson and kept me accountable. Hearing the message in a few formats was helpful. Thanks to your gentle approach, I was able to make changes I’d wanted to make for years but had not done. I stopped snacking, it was a dream and has improved my digestion, my overall well-being and my self-confidence. I also created and maintained a morning routine I’ve long wanted, which has grounded me, improved my outlook and my body feels better.” -MA Seattle
Shannon-McCall-Testimonial-HCMy 10+ years regularly attending your yoga classes and other contacts with you have had a profound influence on my life.  Although I am no longer able to do some of the poses, I still love yoga and do a simple yoga practice almost every day.  I’ve made changes in my diet and water consumption based on your teaching of ayurveda.  Most of all, your example has given me a sense of tranquility and equanimity as I face the prospect of growing older….You always demonstrated the poses so precisely, beautifully and, it seemed, effortlessly that it was clear that you were at a very advanced level in the practice of yoga, yet you  were able to focus your teaching at a level appropriate and beneficial to the students.” -HC, Seattle
“I was a Yoga-skeptic who initially only got started 5 years ago because my spouse convinced me to try it “just once or twice.” Since the I’ve probably attended 100 of Shannon’s classes per year. She does an absolutely remarkable job of moving her students along, of all ability levels, with “level-appropriate” adjustments, encouragement, and tutelage. She has found a balance in her class between keeping things on track and allowing students the time and space they need for their own unique development. Her calm demeanour, pleasant voice and mastery of her craft inspire her students to challenge themselves. She doesn’t burden her students with the irritating distractions that I have encountered upon occasional visits to other studios, such as music and new age philosophy. I have found yoga with Shannon to be an excellent complement to high intensity sports (and hectic life). The greater flexibility, core strength and muscular/mental focus that I have developed in her class have helped keep me injury free.”

-T.J., Seattle

For many years I’ve gone to yoga asana classes, but I’ve found it difficult to get a home practice started. As a regular meditator I wanted to do the asanas before each sit, but usually it didn’t happen. So I went to Shannon, and she did a couple of things that made a big difference. First, she customized a program for me, taking into account the limitations in some of my movements–especially hips and shoulders. I ended up with morning and evening yoga sessions that feel natural and healing. Second, she really listened to my needs. I said I had a half hour I wanted to invest, not more at this time. So she created the morning and evening sessions to be just thirty minutes long, yet they feel complete. Third, she included a pranayama practice, giving me a bridge from the asanas into my silent meditation. Above all her gentle, accepting, and encouraging way has helped me to reduce my own judgement against my asana “proficiency,” which has removed one of my barriers to home practice and has liberated me to do my own yoga in my own way.”   -BD, Seattle

In the Summer of 2014 I was suffering from the worst seasonal allergies  I had ever experienced. It was the first time in 18 years of Recovery I felt like I could not function in daily life. Having taken a class in Ayurveda for Digestion from Shannon McCall at my local yoga studio, I contacted her for a consultation.

After our initial conversation by phone, I realized that there were multiple issues I had been minimizing or ignoring. I had low stamina, felt weak,  slept poorly was mildly depressed, among other things. Shannon did an in-depth intake questionnaire on my diet and daily habits and we began working together. We first focused on diet,with a goal of improving my meal choices and  meal schedule among other details. We also set up regular yoga sessions with personalized audio practices included. Later we introduced Ayurvedic herbal supplements to my regimen along with other personal self care practices (recently use of a Neti pot).

My allergies improved almost immediately and I now have a template for daily living that works for me in my ordinary life. I have found working with Shannon extremely beneficial to my health and well being overall and I feel stronger, am sleeping better and my emotional state has improved considerably. After 6 months I was able to see the connections between what I ate, drank, etc with how I felt.

I am invested in self care at a new level now. At the age of 63, I am in touch with my body and my spirit in ways that feel new and hopeful. I find Shannon to be easy to share with, an excellent listener and veryrealistic about how much to work on at one time, and how to tailor what I do to my individual needs.I am actually glad I was so desperate for relief that I made the call that started me on my Ayurvedic journey and living life in a new and healthy manner.      THANKS SHANNON !