What follows are the practices I use to stay in balance during the holidays.  I hope you’ll find something supportive here.  If you have questions or need a little 1-1 support,  please reach out to Shannon@livingintobalance.com and we can take 15 minutes to talk by zoom or phone about your specific issue, and I’ll offer 1 or 2 things to help you out.

Ok, here you go…

Stay hydrated: carry a thermos of hot water with you and sip it throughout the day. Hot water is gently detoxifying, opens the subtle pathways, keeps you warm and stimulates digestion. Sipping water is an effective way to hydrate, vs. chugging which tends to make one pee a lot. Add a few slices of fresh ginger root to support circulation, stimulate digestion and keep your lungs clear.

Sit down for meals instead of grazing throughout the day: stay nourished with good food in the form of 2 -3 meals a day. Snacking between meals causes indigestion and worse. If you want something between meals, have some herbal tea. If you must snack, eat a piece of fruit.

After over-indulging, wait to eat the following day: after a big night, chances are you won’t be hungry for breakfast. Skip it. Sip hot water or hot herbal tea instead and wait for your appetite to return. This simple practice allows your body to deal with the excess easily. When your hunger returns,  eat something easy to digest like warming-vegetable-soup (add a little meat if you like) or kitchari.

Get to bed: hit your normal bedtime most nights and save your late nights for a few special occasions. Getting off rhythm with sleep is one of the most debilitating experiences after a certain age (you know what I mean). Prioritize good sleep.

In preparation for travel, or anytime your energy/digestion is a little off, make a big pot of Veggie Soup or Kitchari (see recipes above) and eat only that for the day. Make enough food for you and your family for one day only. Avoid leftovers.

Take time to recharge: resist the urge to say yes to all of it and pick and choose the events that are most important to you. Give yourself the gift of some quality downtime when you need it, and you’ll feel better about socializing and entertaining later.

Joy to the world, and may your holidays be bright!