Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Robert Svoboda says, 

We can either limit ourselves a little bit willingly, or Nature will do that for us in the form of illness.  

Cleansing is an opportunity to slow down, reset your digestive system and release any toxic accumulation in your body or mind. Good digestion is at the heart of good health. When we habitually over-eat, eat when we’re not hungry, or eat unhealthy foods, or foods that we can’t digest well, we weaken our digestive capacity and our overall health. When we don’t take time to slow down and digest our lives, our minds get agitated and negative.

Ayurveda teaches that spring is a great time to gently detoxify, helping to release the excesses of winter to help ward off allergies, colds and congestion and let go of excess weight. This process lightens and brightens our minds as well as our bodies.

Ayurvedic cleansing is unique in several ways. For one, we don’t only eliminate the bad stuff, we also increase our self-care and intake of nourishing foods/drinks throughout the process. We also make changes gradually so as not to shock our system (even a positive change is disruptive to the body’s status quo, and therefore, stressful).

The actual cleanse period is just 5 days, but we take a full month for the process so that we can honor this slow, sustained approach, which is much easier physically and emotionally. We give ourselves plenty of time to adapt to the new protocols, so our body and mind stay relaxed and open and can more easily let go. It’s a balanced approach that is easier than fasting or juicing.

To support you this month,  I will be offering a 4-week cleanse course, beginning April 15th. We will be meeting once a week on  Mondays via ZOOM (a video conference platform).

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to join with a group of like-minded others, with me as your guide, taking your through an ayurvedic cleansing process. I say process because the actual cleanse is just 5 days long. We take an entire month in order to slowly identify and begin to cut back on substances that we’re over doing, while simultaneiously bringing in more ot the good stuff: plenty of hydration, fresh seasonal produce, herbal teas, short yoga and meditation practices and other self-care protocols.

Here’s how the four weeks will go: 

Week 1: Call on Monday night: Short practice together. Introduction to the cleansing process and to each other. Introduction to practices we can undertake to clear space at home as well as in our bodies/minds. Identifying and beginning to cut back on certain foods/substances while getting established in a healthier daily routine. (Information about where to buy your cleansing kits will go out upon registration, and we will go over what is in the kits on this first call).

Week 2: Call on Monday night: Short practice together. Checking in about how you’re doing/questions you have. Additional practices we can begin to support gentle detoxification and nourishing our bodies and minds. Continuation of reduction in unhealthy foods while continuing to bring in more of the good stuff.

Week 3: Call on Monday night. Short practice together. We will begin our 5 day kitchari cleanse this week! Checking in and questions covered. Marma session with me this week  or next on Monday or Thursday.

Week 4: Call on Monday night. Short practice together. Checking in about our experiences and looking at moving back into our normal diet coming off the cleanse. Gathering the insights we have had undergoing this process. Designing a plan going forward.

Post Cleanse: Live yoga class in NE Seattle and meetup with homemade soup. Time TBD.

What you can expect to gain from this experience:

  • new life-affirming habits.
  • a re-connection to your body’s true hunger.
  • increased lightness and clarity in body and mind.
  • fresh insights into yourself, your patterns, what works for, you and what doesn’t.
  • momentum to make better choices going forward.
  • an understanding about what to do to get back on track. when you stumble, as we all do sometimes. 

The cost for this program is $225, which includes all classes, the live event, recordings of all the classes, yoga, pranayama and meditation recordings and some written materials to support you. You will have the additional cost of a cleanse kit  as well as herbal product 1-to rejuvenate the colon and a second herbal product (of similar price) to support your digestion (this one will be customized to your digestive type, which I will help you determine once you register).So if you’re ready to do some spring cleaning, I would be honored to be your guide and friend along the way. 

To register, email me now at Shannon@livingintobalance.com and we’ll schedule a time to talk to make sure the cleanse is a good choice for you.

With love on the dark moon,